Svitlana Zhytnia
+380 981295657
New media visual artist.

Visual media artist. Works in the direction of generative art, creating interactive audio-visual installations, virtual reality and scenography. The idea of ​​the synthesis of arts, developed by the avant-garde artists of the early 20th century, is fundamental in artistic experiments and the search for forms of the artist.

The artist reflects on the theme of loneliness, isolation, simulating situations of uncertainty that find an emotional response from the viewer. With the help of video projections, the artist visualizes the emotional background of the music, thus creating new forms of communication with the viewer. Also designs virtual reality spaces for immersive audio-visual performance experiences.

Her style can be defined as abstract minimalism. Point, line, spot - simple geometric shapes visually transform space, fill it with rhythm. Sound is an important part of the artist's work. Industrial noises, ambient sounds, electronic glitch ASMR effects, electronic music - great attention is paid to the audio environment.

The technique of creating a generative video allows you to make unique performances in real time with elements of improvisation and originality. The artist defines her work as the process of creating primitive life forms that develop endlessly and, under the influence of audio signals, transform into new visual images.

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